Roma Pineto parkrun #045: 2nd February

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English translation by Jennifer Stripe

The 45th Roma Pineto parkrun was held with extreme weatherconditions at the very limit of what is feasible for our course, as the following video shows.

Despite the downpour and mudbath,9 brave or perhaps foolish parkrunners took on the challenge once again. Amongst them there were two English tourists and one from Scotland, who in theory should be used to such conditions. After our Luigi DE LUCA, 2nd placed Alex Witty was the day's veteran on 192 parkruns. We also know of another English tourist who set out to join us by jogging to the start and unfortunately lost his way in the tempest :-)

On a day such as this we owe an extra special thanks to all our volunteers who made it possible to run safely this time around.

On Saturday the 9th the sun should returnand perhaps be joined by some Welsh six nations fans. We hope to see all of you at the Parco del Pineto, ingresso di via Vittorio Montiglio, alle 8e40 (con partenza alle 9).

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