Roma Pineto parkrun #041: 5th Jannuary

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English translation by Jennifer Stripe

The first official parkrun of 2019 (after the NYD special edition that is) had an indisputable special guest: the cold.


Nevertheless, 25 parkrunners came along to get warmer by running and receive a present from the “befana” (an old lady who delivers gifts to children on the eve of Epiphany): not coal but the beautiful photos of Emanuele Musolino instead!  (link).

Given that the temperature was hovering around zero, it was no surprise that 2 of the 25 present were tourists from Russia!

One of these guests, Mikhail MALETS, together with Luigi DE LUCA and Alberto TENDERINI, set a cracking pace for the first lap. In the end Mikhail posted a great time for this course and it was a new PB for Alberto (who came back to see us for the first time in a while). However, for the umpteenth time the fastest man on the day was Luigi (we are desperately seeking challengers who can push him on to faster times…)


Mikhail came to parkrun with Martina DOBROVOLSKAYA who on Saturday was the fastest female finisher. For a large part of her run, Martina was accompanied by Federico DE SOLE and his father Alberto. We are really happy to have part of the DE SOLE family back with us, as they were a regular feature of our summer events.



Another very welcome return was that of Zoe GREEN who has run with us in the past, at seven months pregnant no less! It was an easy PB for her, now that she is running without the bundle of “ballast” from before.

Zoe arrived sporting a rather explicit jumper. We at Roma Pineto parkrun obviously do not want to enter into delicate political issues, but being an international movement, we felt some sympathy with her cause.



Besides the visiting tourists, we had only one first-timer this week, but he captured our attention: young Jacopo FORCELLA immediately posted a time under the 25-minute mark. Well done Jacopo!


Above all else, Saturday was a party (even more so than usual) the pre-birthday celebrations of our great friend Luciano GIOVANNINI. We’d like to thank him for all his constant help as a volunteer, for all the cakes and obviously for the Prosecco that he brought to warm us up on such a chilly morning.

Happy Birthday once again Luciano, you haven’t actually changed age category so in running terms you are still young :-P


Next Saturday the temperatures should be slightly higher but in any case, you will find us as always at Parco del Pineto, via Vittorio Montiglio entrance, at 8:40 (for a 9am start)!

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