Roma Pineto parkrun #037: 15th December

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English translation by Jennifer Stripe

The 25 parkrunners present were greeted by a cold wintery day for the 37th Roma Pineto parkrun. However, the pleasant sunshine that is typical of a Rome winter and the festive nature of our parkrun soon warmed things up.

As usual Luigi DE LUCA galloped ahead of the rest of the pack, allowing himself time to pause, say hello to the tail, and finish with a nonchalant walk up the final hill. Despite this relaxed attitude, he finished in a little over 20 minutes.


Behind him came Renzo MANSUETI who replicated his time from the previous week on terrain, which was still particularly muddy owing to the frequent rain this month.

Here we can follow him in a video shot by our resident cyclist Alessandro Alessandroni, while he tackles the very challenging, narrow final section of the course.


link al video

Not far behind was one of our “originals” who was with us for our inaugural event in April: Stefano BOLOGNESI who set a new PB on Saturday..


As usual, we had tourists with us, from Australia, Germany, England and Wales, adding an international flavour to our parkrun. The fastest woman on the day was the Australian Erin BOAKE, “accompanied” here by a new entry Wilson Camilo CARDENAS.


Terry and Julie Seren LEWIS arrived a little out of breath after a long trek, having missed their train at Valle Aurelia. Luckily they just managed to join us in time! Here Terry can be seen taking a photo of his wife with St Peter’s in the background at the start of their second lap.


Both Terry and Julie have more than 100 parkruns under their belts (165 and 162 respectively), but the veteran of the day was Chris SPARKES who very recently reached 200.


Coming back to our local parkrunners a round of applause goes to Antonio GRILLI who once again bettered his time from the previous week, clocking exactly 29 minutes and a mere 10 seconds above the age category record set by Peter FORDHAM. That would be the same Peter who holds the record for the number of different events visited across Italy and who last week was obviously present at the inaugural edition of the new parkrun at Montecatini Terme.


Finally, we must thank Barbara STRACQUALURSI who arrived in the guise of Santa with gifts for everyone (and the traditional Italian Epiphany witch or “Befana” bringing lots of delicious chocolate)! Barbara didn’t stop there, she also joined the group of volunteers to help with the close-down of the event. A heartfelt thanks.


It’s thanks to those like Barbara that parkrun keeps going. We will continue during the Christmas holidays, starting on the 22nd December, meeting at Parco del Pineto, Via Vittorio Montiglio entrance, at 8:40 (For a 9am start)!

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