Info for foreign visitors

We are not using the Volunteers rosters on the parkrun website, because we manage the roles of the week via Whatsapp.
So if you are in doubt if our event is on or not please write an email o send a message to our Facebook page.
By the way, our event has been off only 2 Saturdays in 5 years and a half, so please check it with us.


White/Yellow Zone: Event confirmed, Orange/Red: Event cancelled

❗️A tutela della salute di tutti, parkrunner e volontari, dopo esserci consultati tra coloro che più frequentemente sono stati presenti in questi 5 anni, abbiamo deciso che se la Lombardia entrerà in zona arancione ci fermeremo.
Torneremo quando rientrerà in zona gialla o bianca.
In qualsiasi caso l’allenamento di Sabato 15/1 è confermato, perché l’eventuale provvedimento entrerebbe in vigore da Lunedì 17/1.


Please check with us if the next event is confirmed or not

From Saturday 8/1 we restarted our parkrun.
Looking at the pandemy growth, we'll decide week on week to confirm or not the event for the next week.
At the moment we don't see a reason to stop, but as health safety is our priority for volunteers and parkrunners, we monitor the stats every day.
Please drop us an email or a message on Facebook if you think to come to our parkrun to get a confirmation.

Thank you


25/12/2021 YES, WE’RE OPEN

Following some requests,
we are happy to give the announcement that on Christmas Day our parkrun will take place.
Cakes, biscuits, prosecco and beers will be invited to join the event, as well :)

On Saturday 1/1/2022 we'll recover from the ten drinks taking part at another free running event called "Chilometro Obliquo", a sort of climbing of the iconic hill "Montagnetta di San Siro".
Ask for more details at our email address, in case you are interested in joining.


Vi aspettiamo il 28/8 alle 8,45

Il luogo di ritrovo è 200 metri dentro il parco, entrando da viale Suzzani.

Quick update:
See you at 8.45 AM next 28/8, 200 metres after the park entrance straight to the first crossroad.

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